Search Engine Marketing Service in India

Search Engine Marketing or SEM was made famous by the advent of Google.

What is Search Engine Marketing?

Search Engine Marketing is the practice of advertising online for ranking on search engine result pages. As per one estimate, there were around 1.2 trillion searches online in the year 2017. For an advertiser, this is a huge opportunity to showcase their products or services by appearing on Search Engine Result Pages.

In search engine marketing, advertisers bid for specific search terms that users are searching for. Basis their bids and various other factors, the search engine decides whether to showcase the top bidder’s advertisement or not. 

Search Engine Marketing on Google is done through a platform called Google AdWords. Similarly, search engine marketing on Bing is known as Bing Ads.

Why do Search Engine Marketing?

One of the fundamental questions that any marketer faces is if they should do search engine marketing or not. Reasons, why you should do Search Engine Marketing, are as follows:

Directly target audience ready to buy:

People who are searching are looking at information regarding some product or services. The intention to buy gets demonstrated from the specific keyword that they type in eg. “sofa price in Delhi” is a clear indication that the consumer is ready to buy a sofa. By targeting this ready audience and pitching your ads through Google or Bing you are able to target the right audience and bring traffic to your website.

This traffic may result in conversions, which could be defined by an outright purchase or leads in some cases.

So as a marketing strategy paid advertisements, make a lot of sense.

Bring Traffic to your Website:

By running an SEM campaign, you can attract the audience to your website. These visitors can be easily converted into revenue.

Drive Immediate Results:

As compared to organic traffic, pay per click or PPC campaign can deliver immediate results. Organic traffic takes some time to build as there are a lot of factors that come in play there right from your website age, website speed, content, tags, site structure, SEO, etc. When your website appears on Search Engine Results Page in organic search you get traffic. Blogs etc. take time to build traffic to your website. So if you are trying to source traffic through search engine optimization(SEO) then you may not get immediate results. 

Whereas by paid search campaigns, you can immediately start getting results through your website. That’s why using SEM services may deliver faster results for your business.

Flexible Budgeting:

With SEM, you need not keep a fixed budget aside. You advertise as you wish and increase or decrease the budget as per fund availability and returns you are generating from paid advertisements. You can even alter your budget by the time of the day, and days of the week. Eg. you may want to keep paid advertisements budget higher for a restaurant business in residential areas on weekends. Similarly, you may want to keep paid search advertising budget low for a B2B service on weekends. So by using SEM service you get flexibility to change your budget.

Maximize your ad spend returns through PPC:

In PPC campaigns, you end up paying for clicks. So, anyone who doesn’t see your advertisement or does not click after seeing, you are not charged for that. This way you are able to maximize your ad spend returns through PPC. In Google adwords you can even vary your costs per click to bid for the first page in Google Adwords if not for the top of the page.


Search Engine Marketing and search engine optimization both serve the same purpose, which is to bring traffic to your website. However, the way both deliver it is different. Let us understand the difference and then understand which is better.

  • Paid Vs Free:

Search engine optimization is driving traffic from google search or Bing search to your website. For this traffic, you don’t have to spend money as such, whereas for search engine marketing, you will have to pay per click.

  • Top 4 Vs. Next 10 Results:

Google’s top 4 results are reserved for paid advertising campaigns and the next 10 results for organic search results. So there is an advantage by paying up and being there at the top.

  • Spend Money every time Vs. Spend Money Once:

In SEM you have to spend money every time you want to generate traffic. In SEO once you have invested resources to get to a particular rank, you keep getting traffic by investing small time every day on optimization. So SEM Vs. SEO becomes a choice of spending money every time one needs traffic Vs. spending money once and then reaping the benefits of that for a long time.

  • Instantaneous results Vs. Long-term results:

SEM Vs. SEO also becomes a question of instantaneous results vs long-term results. SEM will give you results immediately, whereas SEO will yield results over a longer period of time.

  • The number of factors impacting output:

In the case of search engine marketing, factors that impact your output are the quality score, keyword research, and bids. Quality score is a function of how well your landing pages are created along with how well your advertisement matches with the landing page. So there are a fewer number of factors impacting search engine advertisement.

Search engine optimization, on the other hand, is impacted by over 200 factors, most of which are not known also. There are guesses about which factors may be impacting search queries and results but very little direct information is available on ranking factors.

So SEM is far easier to execute as compared to SEO.

iBrand Strategy Services provides Search Engine Marketing services in India & USA. Our search engine marketing services can be tailored to meet your bespoke needs. We are experts at maximizing the return on Ad spend in SEM service and ensuring that your campaign objectives are met. We achieve this by doing the following:

Steps in Search Engine Marketing Services in India, by iBrand Strategy Services

Keyword Research:

On the basis of your campaign objective, we look at the keyword research. Eg if you are looking at creating awareness in the market, you will need a different type of keywords viz a viz campaign that is looking for conversions.
Over a period of time on the basis of our research and experience, we have managed to figure out what kind of keywords work at which stage of the customer lifecycle.

A customer who is exploring versus a customer who is deciding, require being exposed to different type of keywords in the advertisement for the same product.

Eg a customer who is looking for designs of interior decoration versus the price of a design of interior decoration need very different keywords and advertisement.

Competition Analysis:

When you decide to do Search Engine Marketing(SEM) and have competitors who are also doing the same, it is important to figure out what all keywords they are bidding for and how much.

Also, you should know what all the ads they are running. Idea is to find out those niches within the keywords where you can bid without excessive competition, thus keeping your bids low and yet getting high ROI.

Landing Page Design:

Over a period of time, we now know what kind of landing page results in a good quality score and result into conversions. That research along with great website development skills help us create the right kind of landing page to maximize conversions.


Our advanced analytics skills ensure that everything is being measured at every step of advertisement. We are experts at doing A/B testing to know what is working with your campaign and what is not. By creating a campaign which is being measured using analytics right from the word go, we are able to pinpoint problem areas, what ads are working, which ads are not etc. This helps us optimize the campaign and lower the cost per click.

Use our Search Engine Marketing Service to ensure superior ROI for your brand.

What Does Our Search Engine Marketing Services Include?

Our SEM Services include:

Keyword Research and Analysis

Competition Analysis

Ad Copy Creation and Strategy

Campaign Creation

Landing Page Creation and Optimization

Campaign Optimization


Why iBrand Strategy For Search Engine Marketing Service in India

At iBrand Strategy, we believe in creating tailor-made marketing solutions for our clients according to their individual requirements. We collaborate with the clients to make sure that they receive maximized returns from our digital marketing services. We create smart marketing campaigns that help you turn clicks into leads.

We have Google Adwords Certified and experienced team of certified SEM experts. All our team members managing search engine marketing campaign are trained to deliver better ROI using Superior Keyword research, Page Optimization, Quality Score improvement tactics. 

We understand the customers, competitors, resources, and challenges of the client to create campaigns that match their expectations

Our Analysis and Analytics process help us provide a competitive advantage to our clients.

We have consistently outperformed our client’s expectations. Consult us for Superior ROI from Search Engine Marketing Service in India

Our Past Experience in SEM:

We have successfully delivered stupendous returns and growth to our clients. Some of our success stories are:

  1. A B2B Company, part of Large Indian Conglomerate got 40% increased number of leads and 50% reduction in Advertisement Spend due to superior Keyword research that our Search Engine Marketing(SEM) services delivered.
  2. A large jewelry’s Pay per client advertising resulted in a 34% reduction in their CPC due to intent related keyword targeting.
  3. An Educational institute’s search engine marketing campaign resulted in a 15% increase in prospectus download with the same budget spend. This was delivered through managing a quality score, page optimization and intent related keyword targeting. Our SEM services again delivered better ROI for our client.

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Digital Marketing Services for business Launch successfully. This Launch Plan is for every entrepreneur who is thinking of creating a disruptive, product or service. We help you grow your IDEA into a full-fledged Business of Tomorrow.

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  • We Partner with you grow your network leveraging our existing relations in the market
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