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Why hire a Business and Marketing Consulting Company in India

We are an “ROI Driven” Business and Marketing Consulting Company in India. At iBrand Strategy, we help you achieve your Goals. We believe that context is most decisive in delivering messages. Communicate the same message in different contexts can be devastating in one situation and provide explosive growth in another situation. We help your brand create the context and create messages that nourish your brand. We work closely with our clients to “LISTEN FOR, and reliably deliver, THAT, which really makes a difference to their business”. Our unique insights into consumer behaviors and psychometrics help us uncover the latent need of the consumers and help create strategies that deliver exceptional business results.

Our solutions are simple, transparent and are built around your specific requirements. We are known as experts who love to keep it straight.

iBrand Strategy is a Mumbai Headquartered Business and Marketing Consulting firm founded by Rajnish Rajpal. Rajnish is a Management Graduate from Management Development Institute, Gurgaon. He has worked across Banking, Telecom and Internet companies for over 18 years. In his decade-long experience with Times Internet Ltd, he has helped numerous entrepreneurs, organizations in various Internet technologies. Given his exposure in various Industries and functional areas, he has managed to provide consultation to a lot of organizations and startups.

We cater to the following areas as part of Business and Marketing Consulting Services

Business Consulting Service:

Trying to figure out how to achieve your organizational goals? How to understand industry dynamics, competition landscape and how to integrate that with the product/service offerings that satisfy the needs of your consumers? iBrand Strategy Services can help you. We help organizations by providing business consulting services in the area of Strategy, Product and Consumer Insights, Customer Service, Human Resources. We use world-class frameworks and tools to help our clients achieve disproportionate growth in their markets and help them benchmark at various levels eg. Product level, Organisational level,  Industry level, across Industry Level and worldwide as well.


Marketing Consulting Services:

Wondering where to sell your product? What market would be good to test market your product? How to price the new product being launched? Launch offline first or online first? What should your product pitch be? How should you position your product? 

Don’t worry!

iBrand Strategy Services is there to provide consulting services in all these areas to you. We partner with businesses as consulting partners and ASK questions that help you get INSIGHTS into HOW to market your products? A good problem is difficult to find. Our endeavor is to come up with a Good problem in the area you are working upon and help you with INSIGHTS, Strategy and directional input on WHAT IS!

Our unique perspectives and diverse experience help us ASK questions that provide breakthroughs to organizations in achieving their goals.

Digital Consulting Services:

The Internet has impacted the way business happens across the world. Every product, the industry is facing the disruptive impact of the Internet and Digital technology across the products, categories, and industries. We help our clients undertake Digital transformation by aligning their existing business and processes to deliver inorganic growths and help connect your business with the Digital Landscape.

With the abundance of information also comes inability to identify good information from bad. This itself can significantly impact the actions that you take basis the information. At iBrand Strategy, we help you make choices based on sound information and practices, in the area of Digital, which has been tried and tested. We help you with insights about your organization, your competitors across various digital channels and help you identify the low lying opportunities. This helps us outmatch your competitors as they play a catchup game with your digital initiatives.

Our process orientation and talent management best practices ensure that your Digital Transformation delivers results for your organization.


E-Commerce is growing fast. Most of the offline businesses are looking to capitalize on this opportunity of taking their business online. Presence on various marketplaces has become one of the best ways to take your business online.

We help you go online, by identifying the opportunities, in terms of product, price, positioning and promoting it online such that you are able to get Returns on your investment. We help you identify the right marketplaces for your products.

Lot of businesses struggle to go online in the absence of right guidance. Moreover, businesses are cautious in going online in absence of understanding technology. At iBrand Strategy Services, we help you identify the right marketplaces for you and give you perspectives on how to compare various options in taking your business online. We also help you as a technology partner is setting your shop, merchandising etc. such that you can focus on product selling instead of trying to understand technology.

Our eCommerce strategy consulting services will provide you with consumer insights, merchandising strategy, supply chain and digital marketing strategy that will help you become a leading eCommerce player in your industry.

Digital Marketing Consulting Services:

Internet and digital technologies have transformed businesses worldwide. So widespread is the impact that large offline businesses have been forced to either shut down or shape up and go online.

Consumer’s attention is shifting from television to mobile devices and social media. Today almost every alternate person worldwide is connected to the internet. Brands and individuals alike are exploring options to leverage digital marketing for their businesses.

iBrand Strategy Services is one of the top digital marketing consulting firms in India. Our digital marketing consulting services are customized to your specific business needs. We offer a host of online marketing services that include website optimisation, search engine optimisation, social media marketing, eCommerce, content marketing services, Online Reputation Management, and Influencer Marketing.

We are full-service digital marketing agency, and that helps us not only provide consulting services but also execute those successfully.

Talent Management Consulting:

Employer Brand is what your employees, current and potential future job candidates think about you as an employer. For a business, it is very important as It forms the perception of how you treat your employees and candidates and also tells about your Employee Value Proposition. Employees create the organizational culture and help create value for their clients.

iBrand Strategy understands the process of articulating your company’s unique message, voice, and strategy and attracting the right candidates to your company. We understand that Employer Branding requires organizations to have synchronized messaging across Marketing and Human Resources team. Our insights into recruitment and employer branding landscape help us create the “RIGHT” employer brand. Our Talent Management consulting helps you not only audit existing talent management practices but also benchmarks you against the best in the market. We help organizations in Talent Acquisition, Employer Branding, Talent Management Practices, and Processes, 

If you are planning to Launch your Business, Use our Business Launch Plan.

Digital Marketing Services for business Launch successfully. This Launch Plan is for every entrepreneur who is thinking of creating a disruptive, product or service. We help you grow your IDEA into a full-fledged Business of Tomorrow.

We do this by:

  • Helping you discover your potential and presenting unseen opportunities that are possible in your business areas
  • We Partner with you grow your network leveraging our existing relations in the market
  • We COACH you to create breakthroughs in areas that are “Barriers” to your business Growth.
  • Yeah! We also help your business go ONLINE!

So, if you are an Entrepreneur who is trying to find a STRATEGIC DIGITAL MARKETING AGENCY

About Us:

iBrand Strategy has a talented and experienced team. Our Leadership has an average experience of eighteen years.

Our work, our culture, our values are what makes us special.

For us, the reason for the existence of iBrand Strategy Services is to deliver measurable business value through effective branding and advertising solutions powered by infinite digital possibilities.

At iBrand Strategy Services LLP, we are fully geared to meet your requirements in the following areas:

Digital Services Offered:

  • Internet Marketing
  • Media buying
  • Social media optimization
  • Search engine optimization
  • Search engine marketing
  • Social media marketing,
  • Pay per click
  • Website development and web design and development.
  • Mobile App Development
  • Online Reputation Management
  • Performance Marketing
  • Programmatic Buying
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Intent Marketing
  • Creative Services

As a marketing solutions company, we always start with why. Our focus on understanding the client’s intent helps us provided optimum digital marketing solutions and channels.

For Corporates, SME’s and start-ups who are looking for Digital Marketing Agency, it can become very confusing to try and understand so many terminologies, their meaning, their impacts and cost implications etc. Given this huge landscape of Digital Marketing ecosystem, most of the organizations try to include as many services they can get from one service provider in the lowest possible cost. This often leads to problems because the intent of any business is to create value, which can only be measured by the end result, not by a group of services but the end result that these services deliver.

This focus on end deliverable helps us to create value for our clients and keeping them satisfied.

So, if you are a start-up, SME or a Corporate looking at hiring Digital Marketing Agency for starting, or scaling up your business, look no further and connect with us.

With increasing competition in the Digital domain, it is imperative that you use every traffic channel like organic, social, email, referral etc. are being targeted. If you are in a business, you need to dominate not just one traffic channel but all of them. It is here that you require an agency with a 360 Degree view of Digital Ecosystem.

Since our inception, we have tried to outpace the ever-changing market so that we can offer the latest digital marketing solutions for enhanced customer returns. We have served more than 100+ clients globally and growing.


Our Methodology:

  • Understand client’s business first
  • Understand the vision of the Client organization from a Digital Perspective
  • Translate vision into KPI’s for Digital Transformation
  • Understand the strengths and weaknesses of Competition in the same domain
  • Do “as is where” analysis of client’s digital presence
  • Work out maths and ROI’s keeping in mind the vision of the organization
  • Client signs off on KPI’s and deliverables along with timelines
  • Go full throttle behind KPI’s
  • Monthly review with clients on deliverables
  • Recalibrate and execute the Digital Marketing Services to exceed client’s expectations.

Why Us:

  • We are a bunch of professionals with experiences in the range of 20+ years each. So we are not a NEW KID on the block and no fly by night operator. We have entered into this Digital Marketing Agency Business after having spent a good long time in Corporates in Internet Related Businesses to learn the ropes well.
  • Digital Marketing today has become pretty technical. Despite becoming technical it is important to understand the Marketing basics. Gone are the days when creating a website ensured getting business. Today, you need to match technology to meet the needs of your consumers, hence the niche of techno-marketing becomes important. You can’t rely on a website development organization for your Digital Marketing needs. Nor can you rely on a traditional media Agency which ALSO manages Digital.
  • You need an agency which understands consumers’ needs and also how technology can act as an enable for fulfilling those needs. So, a specialized Digital Marketing Agency only can help you. Our entire team is a mix of Engineers, who went on to become great marketers, thus making them great at what they do.
  • We have collectively delivered our services to 100+ clients, some of them very large conglomerates
  • We are analytics-driven organization. Our philosophy, like Peter Drucker, Management Guru often said, is “you can’t manage what you can’t measure”. We believe that improvements can only be done if we measure the inputs and outputs.
  • We can give great results with very limited budgets. We use the latest tools and technologies like Intent Marketing to deliver ROI’s which are in multiples of what you may have been getting in the past.
  • We are professionals who have worked in Large Corporates like ICICI Bank, Tata Group, Times Internet etc and have been ingrained in professional approach to working and dealing with clients.
  • We believe Digital Marketing Services is a marketing channel like Direct Sales, Distribution. It is important to understand what it can deliver keeping in mind the investments required to deliver the same. A digital agency is in the business of fulfilling the need to deliver sales, revenue, engagement etc. to clients