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Digital Strategy

The art of uncovering the latent needs and helping clients in the maze of the Digital World

Our strategy development process helps create a robust plan to enable our clients to have a strategic advantage that is unparalleled.


Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimization includes all activities related to optimizing your website to rank higher on Search Engines. Search Engine Optimization further includes activities like Keyword Research, link building, website page speed optimization etc. Channels which benefit from SEO are Websites, Blogs, Infographics etc. Focus on Search Engine Optimization is to improve organic traffic coming to your website.

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Mobile Apps Development

Looking for Mobile Apps Development, look no further

We develop Mobile Apps for Android, iPhone, and iPad. Use our techno-marketing skills to deliver apps that deliver business to you on the go.

Web Design

We do strategic web development keeping in mind the Search Engines. Strategic web development ensures that your websites are pre-optimized for Search Rankings.

We develop WordPress, Joomla and Custom websites

Social Media Management

Looking for Mobile Apps Development, look no further

Social Media lets us gain insight into your customers Intent, behaviors and how they perceive your brand.  We help our clients in engaging with customers who have shown Intent in your brand before they buy through INTENT MARKETING.

Social Media marketing involves promoting your brand or content on social media channels. Purpose of Social Media Marketing is to help you increase brand awareness, lead generation and drive traffic to your website. Various social media channels that you can use for social media marketing are:

  • Facebook

  • Twitter

  • Linkedin

  • Instagram

  • Snapchat

  • Pinterest

Ecommerce Solutions

Have the product but don’t have resources to sell online, use our E-commerce Services.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing refers to the creation of content with the purpose of driving traffic to your website and helping them in the process. Engaging these online customers by using content marketing helps in converting them to take desired actions. These actions could be signing up for the newsletters, purchasing product, downloading research paper or filling up of inquiry form. Channels that play a role in content marketing are blog posts, ebooks, and whitepapers, infographics etc.

With an increasing focus on selling through Emailers/SMS and website promotions, cart abandonment increases. Experience the science behind Content Marketing and create an ever-increasing organic traffic.

Digital Creative Services

A picture speaks a thousand words!

Get advantage of our extremely talented and experienced creative team

PPC Services

Search Engine Marketing(PPC)

PPC is an online marketing wherein you advertise for your product and services. In this mode of advertising, you pay the platform where you are advertising on the basis of clicks that your advertisement triggers. One of the most common platforms where PPC campaigns are run is called Google Adwords. Advertisements run through Google Adwords appear on Google Search Result page above the organic results.

Other platforms that are used for Pay Per Click Advertisement are:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Linkedin

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Email Marketing

Email marketing continues to be one of the most profitable channels even today. Due to this, it is something that is part of every marketer’s digital plan. Email marketing acts as a way of communicating information to consumers. It can be used for providing information, educating consumers, promoting deals and discounts etc. Different types of Emailers can be used at different life stages of a consumer’s buying journey. Some of the types of Emailers are as below:

  • Blog subscription

  • Follow-up emails to website visitors who downloaded something.

  • Customer welcome emails.

  • promotional emailers to email subscribers.

  • Lead nurturing.



Display advertising is useful for conveying Brand communication and message to consumers in a visual way. We work with Google and Facebook to manage display advertising campaigns to build your brand.

Google Display Network consists of several sites such as Gmail, YouTube, and Google partner sites that display Google Display ads on a given page. Advertisers can make use of multiple ad formats provided by Google to make their ads appealing and engage the consumers. These multiple ad formats help advertisers increase brand awareness, Customer loyalty and increase engagement with customers.




Influencer Marketing

More than 90% of users trust an influencer’s recommendation for a brand. Do you have the right influencers for your brand? Is your influencer marketing plan not delivering results? iBrand Strategy can help you figure out your influencer marketing strategy and help you gain great results.

We help you create buyers persona and identify the brand spokesperson who will appeal to them. We make sure that your influencers represent your brand’s values and culture in a way that amplifies positive feedback for your brand.

We will work with influencers and your team to create opportunities for customer engagement and design a strategy that maximizes your rewards from influencer marketing.


Remarketing Services

Did you know that typically conversions vary from 0-10% on a website? So out of the 100 odd visitors, it is possible 90-100 odd would not purchase anything on your website. Our Remarketing Services are meant for targetting such audience that comes and visits your website but went back without any purchase. Through Remarketing Services we show ads to those customers and convert those customers. This improves your conversions. We provide remarketing services for both Search and Display Ads across both Google and Facebook.