Social Media Management and Social Media Marketing Services in India

Social Media channels have become one of the most important sources of traffic for any web property. The level of engagement of audience seen on social media is unparalleled as compared to any other platform.

Even search engine optimization, which is used for improving a website’s ranking uses social media as one of the ranking signals today.

We are a social media management company which does social media marketing, social media optimization, marketing campaigns, social media campaigns, focussed on startups, small, medium and enterprise clients. We work across the various social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedin to name a few.

We are a full-service Digital Marketing agency which is adept at managing your social media accounts across all the social media platforms and sites.

We are a media agency that believes in delivering long-term value to our clients by managing their presence across social media sites. We do so by our unique social media marketing strategies that have evolved over a period of time by helping small businesses in scaling up their social media accounts.

What we do in Social Media Management

Consumer Segmentation and Persona Development:

We help brands develop persona about their target audience. We also help them understand their target audience better and do this by creating clearly defined consumer segments.

We can create segments by age, gender, location, behaviors they exhibit, their needs, their activities online etc. These insights help clients craft and adapt communication strategy to their target audience.


Sentiment Analysis:

The sentiment is pretty simple to understand. It’s just a feeling or emotion, an attitude or opinion. On social media, the sentiment of a post can be seen in the tone or emotion conveyed in a brand mention.

By doing sentiment analysis, you can put out the fires by addressing them quickly before they become big issues. Our Sentiment analysis always keeps you ahead in your social media activities.


Online Reputation Management:

As per a definition, “Online reputation management (ORM) is the practice of crafting strategies that shape or influence the public perception of an organization, individual or other entity on the Internet.

It helps drive public opinion about a business and its products and services.”. Our ORM capabilities help us deliver a cutting edge to our clients in building perception in alignment with their overall marketing strategy.


Facebook Apps:

Facebook Apps are tiny applications that run in your browser on Facebook and help you do a lot more within Facebook. Eg. there are games apps like

Users can use facebook app in real time and play chess against each other across the world, just as you would do on a website of App on Facebook allows a mini website kind of experience for users to play the same game of chess that they could play on


Similarly, there are game apps, notification apps etc that can be used on Facebook. We help brands create Facebook apps that help them engage with their users on Facebook.

Create Contest & Surveys:

We as a social media management company can create Facebook apps for running contests and surveys for clients to engage with their audience. We create and manage these applications.

Social Analytics and Social Tracking:

We help you provide analytics and measurement over social networks to help you understand the engagement with the brand and overall impact of your initiatives on social media platforms. We measure what really makes a difference to your brand in terms of social engagements.

Social Marketing Campaigns:

Social Media Marketing Campaigns is something which is our expertise.

We can help you run marketing campaigns on social networks with intent marketing. Intent marketing is about marketing a product or a service based on consumers’ purchase intent, expressed by the consumer, for that particular service, which may have been either explicitly or implicitly conveyed by the subscriber.

We help you create social media campaigns which create better quality leads with use of intent marketing, their needs and mashing it up with behavioral signals to reach the relevant audience for your campaigns.

Our Social Media marketing campaigns can easily deliver 1.5X to 5X more number of leads and business if done with intent marketing.

Social Listening and Conversation Monitoring:

Social listening is the process of monitoring digital conversations to understand what customers are saying about a brand and industry online.

By monitoring conversations on social media one can find out more about the behaviors of users and how it can impact the engagement with the brand. We as social media marketing services provide conversation monitoring to our clients.

Data Mining:

We help businesses collect database over social media for future applications like email database etc.

Community Development:

We help brands and businesses create, develop and manage communities. Communities where people can relate to each other and support each other for various initiatives. This can have a big impact on the brands in promoting various causes with them at the epicenter of all such initiatives.

Video Content Production:

We help businesses create video content. Video content consumption on social media channels has skyrocketed in the past. Engagement of video content has also been found to be better as compared to blogs.

As a company in social media marketing services in India we understand the impact of Video in brand hence we help businesses create explainer video’s, interactive videos, 2D, 3D video’s, educative and instructional videos

Influencer Outreach:

We help brands with Influencer outreach as a part of social media marketing strategies.

It has been well established the impact of influencer outreach has on brand reputation and sales.

We help create influencer outreach suitable to your brand’s unique positioning in the market and help you amplify your brand’s long-term impact on the market.

Social Media Platforms we use:

  1. Facebook- It is the biggest social media platform with more than 2 Bn people using it.

  2. Twitter- It is one of the best media to spread the word around quickly.

  3. Pinterest- Pinterest is a web-based bulletin pinboard and is used for bookmarking

  4. Instagram- Instagram is an app for photo and video sharing instantly

  5. Linkedin- Linkedin is a professional network and best suited for B2B initiatives

  6. Youtube- The world’s biggest video network and second largest search engine after youtube

  7. Tumblr- Tumblr is a blogging platform which also enables social sharing adding to virality

  8. Vimeo: Vimeo is a video sharing platform that offers great SEO value for your video content.

Benefits of social media marketing:

Increased traffic

Increased exposure

Helps generate leads

Helps develop loyal fans

Provides marketplace insights

Improves sales

Help grow business

Provide customer service

Why do you need a social media management company?

Your customers are on social media: With more than 2.3 Billion people on Facebook alone, you can’t ignore social media.

You need a social media management company due to the following reasons:

  1. Your customers are online

  2. People are discussing your company on social media platforms

  3. Your company needs an expert social media strategy and guidance in the execution

Our mission for a brand is to attract and retain consumers by creating relevant and valuable content that enhances customer experience or solves a customer problem.

Our content marketing team in creating vivid stories that are original and helps connect your brand to consumers.

We create content as per stage in consumer lifecycle for a brand. We are adept at all forms of content creation including Ads, white papers, case studies, press releases etc.

For every stage of the customer lifecycle, there needs to be a separate metric which would be defined by the need of the consumer at that stage.

While attracting a customer to your brand and introducing your organization, you would want to check the effectiveness of engagement by the time spent on your page or website. What you measure at which stage becomes very important for having the right analysis and future execution.

Our Social Media Management and Social Media Marketing Process:

Unlike other media management services provider, we believe that it is the process that makes an organization stronger and not the individuals. Our Social Media Marketing process involves the following steps:

Determine Goals:

We like to begin with the WHY? Why do you want to use Social Media? What is your organization’s strategy and where does Social Media fit into your scheme of things? What do you wish to accomplish?

All these are just the starting point to understand the client perspective of why they want to go Social beyond the obvious benefits.

Develop and understand Company Brand:

After having understood your Goals, developing your company brand, understanding brand guidelines, images, adaptations etc.

If there are brand guidelines, we generally follow them or we create them in order to have the same understanding with the clients, across various internal and external stakeholders. This also ensures cohesiveness across various channels in terms of colors, placement, imagery etc.

Create a Social Media Strategy:

In execution strategy, we start from persona development, target audience segments, identifying the kind of social media platforms required, what kind of posts are needed, its frequency. How to amplify it using influencers?

What all social media sites do we publish these posts? Do we use PR? Do we use influencers? What kind of influencers to be approached? All such and more questions are addressed while creating and Social Media strategy.

Optimize Website:

As a part of Social Media Optimization services that we offer, we optimize client’s blog, websites, email newsletters etc for social media.

Some clients may need suggestion on things as basic as share button whereas more technically advanced clients may need help with advanced techniques like Twitter Card, Open Graph etc.

Our Social Media optimization services take care of each and every aspect of social media to ensure you get maximum Return on Investment